New York Street Food

This city’s street vendors might exist in your minds as an eternal entity, forever selling hot dogs on every street corner. But in reality, this food culture is undergoing massive change as its offerings expand to fit the wide range¬†of palates living here.

New York City consists of an¬†incredibly diverse population, and its street food consists of incredibly diverse fare. Check out my piece on the way this business has come to reflect the city’s people:

Here is a slideshow I also put together, taking a look at the human aspect of this business.

And of course, the Top 15 Best Things About New York Street Food!


My Favorite Things about NYC Street Food

Hello everyone!

I’ve been very busy working on a series of pieces about New York’s street food. Here is my Storify post about what I consider the best aspects of the city’s food variety! Click the title of this update for the story page.

Hope you enjoy!

Spotlight: Wraps & Wolfnights

Let’s talk about sandwiches!

My last post was heavily related to peanut butter and jelly. You might like turkey, egg salad, or Philly cheese steak. There are countless varieties of breads, meats, cheeses, spreads, anything you might think of. I spent a good part of my life eating no sandwiches but provolone cheese and sweet and sour pickle slices on wheat bread, and loved it.

But there’s this new thing going around: wraps are on the rise.

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Peanuts? No Problem

Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches: a staple for lunchboxes across the US and beyond. Cracker jacks: a time-honored traditional baseball snack.

Soon, even people with severe allergies to peanuts may be able to try these classics and many more nut-based foods.



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The Choco Pie – Followup! Art blog day!

Hi everyone!

So after writing that very long and factual post about the Choco Pie and its perilous part in current international affairs, I promised that I would go see Korean artist Jin Joo Chae’s exhibition “The Choco Pie-ization of North Korea,” being presented at the Julie Meneret Contemporary Art Gallery on the Lower East Side.

Today, I made that intrepid idea a reality.

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One more reason to love junk food! (like we needed any more)

If you’ve been following the news on North Korea, that is.

This past week, I noticed several very similar news stories from CNN, the Huffington Post, and NBC News, all in a tizzy over a snack cake called the Choco Pie. You might have heard of it or seen one of the programs! Anyway, according to CNN the Choco Pie has slowly but surely infiltrated the North Korean black market; it is an exotic delicacy that can only be bought for exorbitant prices which cannot compare to the risk the treat’s smugglers take to bring them across the border.

What is a “Choco Pie,” you ask? Good question!


from Wikipedia

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Food Recalls and Reliability, IMHO

I’m not gonna lie – I can be pretty picky about what I eat.

Usually I take what I can get, but when I see a headline like the one I saw a few weeks ago on CNN’s Eatocracy, I feel completely justified.


This article talked briefly about the fact that the “donkey meat” had been contaminated with parts of other animals like foxes and other unidentified poor, poor creatures. It stuck with me until now. What’s most concerning was that the article was so short – why is this not a bigger deal?

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